Chevrolet Spark MPG Data: How Efficient Is Spark for You?

Chevrolet Spark MPG – Fuel economy is certainly an important consideration when you are looking for a car, right? What about the minicar entrant from Chevrolet? Let’s see Chevrolet Spark MPG and Gas Mileage profile based on EPA measurement and customer review. Overall, you will enjoy more efficient fuel consumption with this city car, compared to what you have to spend when riding a crossover.

Chevrolet Spark MPG and Fuel Efficiency

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the official agency, which provides fuel economy data on all new cars and light trucks. The agency regularly updates the measurement. The information is of course very helpful in many ways.  Fuel efficiency data released by EPA is the minimum standard, which the auto manufacturers have to comply with in designing the cars. This aims at minimizing the risk of air pollution from the vehicles.

Chevrolet Spark MPG

Chevrolet Spark MPG

On the other hand, the customers can use the fuel economy data to compare fuel efficiency between models before deciding to buy one. So, what about Chevrolet Spark? EPA rates Chevrolet Spark at 29 MPG City, 39 MPG Highway, and 33 MPG Combined. What does this mean?

  • The city car takes you 29 miles away per gallon when driving in the city
  • Every gallon of fuel takes you 39 miles when driving the highway.
  • The average fuel consumption is 33 miles per gallon

Despite slight varieties with the customers’ review, the estimate fuel economy of Chevrolet Spark generally ranges from 32 to 33 MPG.

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Behind the Chevrolet Spark MPG and Fuel Economy

Chevrolet Spark MPG and fuel efficiency profile above is certainly not the best one. Spark is more efficient compared to its SUV brothers. However, when compared to its small size, Spark is expected to perform better. Overall, the performance is great for the first model of city car from the automaker, which is known for crossovers. Supported by handy team, Chevrolet will be able to compete with other established brands in this sector, like Mazda, Fiat, or Suzuki.

So, where does the fuel efficiency come from? One thing for sure is that the car is designed with sophisticated technology. It produces 98 horsepower at 6200 RPM. Equipped with 1.4 L Engine, the city car still embraces some features of the crossovers. Therefore, Spark is still a great companion that takes you anywhere in, around, or out of the city. Do you want to go out of the city for few days? An ample cargo room is available for your stuff.

The Bottom Line

Besides information on Chevrolet Spark MPG and fuel economy data released by EPA, safety features are things that you should not miss. Spark is equipped with features that minimize the risk of accident and mitigate the effects and risk of injury.  Moreover, 10 airbags protect the drivers and passengers during the collision.

What about the comfort? Come and see it on your own way. The Chevrolet Spark allows you to stay connected with friends and with your vehicle wherever you are, thanks to OnStar 4G LTE connectivity. Enjoy outstanding driving experience wherever you go with Spark.

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